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Thunder & Friends

Below are a few of the animals that join Thunder on his adventures. Click on the photos to learn more about each animal.

Trivia Time

Thunder wants you to learn all about his friends.

Read the questions below. See if you can identify wihich animal Thunder is describing. Click on each possible answer to find Thunder's animal fact page where you can learn more about each of his friends.
Which animal is a pachyderm?

I use my tusks to root for food. Which animal am I?

We are more closely related to this animal than we are to any other animal on earth. Which animal is it?

The backward bending of my "knee" is actually my ankle. Which animal am I?

I use my own built-in radar to navigate through the air and find my food. Which animal am I?

I have retractable claws that help me climb up trees and catch prey. Which animal am I?

My body is covered in spots called rosettes. Which animal am I?

My bright feathers are caused by carotenoid pigments in the food I eat. Which bird am I?

Thunder's Game Zone
As Thunder's website continues to grow we will update the games on the game page. For now, we have tried to include games that will entertain children and help nurture their love for animals. As we finde more games to include, we will add more.

More About the Authors

To read more about the authors of the Thunder Series, you can head to our author corner. You will find out why they wrote the series, as well as learn about their other projects. Each one of them is passionate about preserving and protecting the animals of our world.
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