The Bonobos

Thunder has many different encounters with bonobos throughout the series. Bonobos are primates that are similar to chimpanzees. They live in the Democratic Republic of Congo near the Zaire river. They prefer dense coverage, which is increasingly harder to find. Due to lack of habitat and poaching, bonobos have been added to the endangered species list.

Bonobos are closely related to humans where genes are concerned. Opposable thumbs are used to hold onto the trees when they climb. They have an amazing ability to understand different forms of communication and show a great amount of empathy towards others.

Female bonobos are smaller than the males. Bonobos can grow to up to almost three feet tall and can weigh over a hundred pounds. They spend their time in trees and on the ground. Diet includes vegetation mostly, but they do also enjoy meat gathered from bugs and other opportunistic finds, like eggs. A group of bonobos are called a troop.
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The Bonobo

Video by BBC