Hippo Facts

Thunder’s friend Riley is a hippopotamus from Gabon, Africa. Part of his charm is his love for surfing. Did you know that hippos really do surf in the water? Not with surf boards like people. They just wade out into the ocean and let the waves carry them to shore. This is something witnessed in the Gabon area.

Hippos are one of the largest mammals on land. They spend a lot of time in water as it helps keep them cool in the hot sun. They are even born in water. It’s no surprise how much Riley and his other hippo friends love the ocean considering their relation to some of the water loving mammals like whales and dolphins.

A group of hippos is called a herd, pod, dale, or bloat. The name for a male bull is a bull and females are cows. Their diet consists of vegetation such as grass. They may look pudgy and slow, but make no mistake, hippos are fast animals. They are also one of the most dangerous animals in Africa.

Even though they are fierce animals, Thunder is worried about their survival. As victims of poaching, they are losing more hippos each year. When people take over their lands they also lose the habitat that keeps them safe.
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Africa - Surfing Hippos