Children's Classic Authors

Erik Daniel Shein
Erik Daniel Shein was born Erik Daniel Stoops, November 18, 1966.  He is an American writer and visionary, film producer, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, entertainer, philanthropist, pet enthusiast, and animal health advocate. He has authored and co-author of over 30 nonfiction and fiction books which includes Thunder: An Elephant’s Journey and Aurora: Spirit Bear of the North.

Melissa Davis
Born in Southern Illinois, Melissa Davis fell in love with reading from an early age, so much so that she started writing when she was in the second grade. From poetry, to short stories, she has a love for it all. When she was in high school she attended Illinois Summer School for the Arts at Illinois State University, which led her to attend the university. After graduating with a Bachelors in Education, Melissa taught for several years until her children were born, allowing her to fulfill two dreams at once: motherhood and penning her first books.
L. M. Reker
L.M. Reker is an educator and Author and has written for many years with very diverse groups: gifted, developmental English, Humanities, and courses in critical thinking, up to his current position of college professor of English. He has written for an Associated Press newspaper in New Mexico, advertising agencies in Phoenix and LA, has helped write and produce two college texts, and be. came an assistant chair in the English Department after only one year with that group. He currently collaborates with Mr. Shein on various projects books and film
K. G. Fuller
Born in Northern Alabama, K. G. Fuller learned to love the written word at the tender age of 12. She is an established author who writes adult and young adult romance under another name. She discovered her love for writing children’s books, quite by accident. Always up for a challenge, she helped write Cloud Warriors and is thoroughly hooked. Now, she is off to her next adventure. Look for more coming soon.