Rhinoceros Facts

Thunder’s friend Soma is a rhinoceros or rhino. Rhinos can be found in Asia and Africa. The name rhinoceros means nose horn in Greek. Like all rhinos, Soma is thick skinned in more ways than one. While their skin is thick, it is very easy to get burned from the sun. They often let other small birds feast on the bugs crawling all over to keep their sensitive skin protected from the bites. This is a symbiotic relationship, the same kind Soma shares with the three egrets in the story.

A rhino’s horn is made from keratin, which is the same thing that makes up our own hair and fingernails. They are not hollow like elephant tusks. Their horns make them a target for poaching as many cultures believe their tusks have healing properties. They are herbivores that eat fruits, vegetables, and any vegetation they can find. Since their eyesight is poor, they use their other senses to help survive. Their sense of hearing can detect noises from over a hundred feet away.

Baby rhinos are called calves. They stay with their mothers until they are three years old. Rhinos often live in extended families, especially females with their calves.
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Rhino Fun Facts

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